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blue-spotted-stingrayThe Dive Academy offers dive tours to the top dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand and we have some great dive sites around Koh Samui to suit everyone’s needs. We have trips to the best known diving destination in the area, Koh Tao, and we do slightly shorter trips to the fantastic Sail Rock.

The diving around Koh Samui and the surrounding islands is suitable for all level of divers. Visibility can vary at different times of the year and depending on weather conditions can be anything  from 5 to 30m. Water temperature is warm ranging from 27 – 30 degrees so more often than not our divers don’t feel the need for a wetsuit but are comfortable with the lycra rash vests we provide. Wet suits are also available for those that prefer.

scribbled-file-fishMost of the dive sites in the area are relatively shallow with the maximum depths around 18m which allows for longer bottom times to enjoy your diving. For more experienced divers with Advanced Open Water certification Sail Rock and Chumporn Pinnacle do allow us to go to go deeper with depths of 25-30m.

The dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand consist mainly of coral reefs which means the marine life you will see are the kind that you can usually find on most reefs – Anenome Fish, Angel Fish, Butterfly Fish, Parrot Fish, Moray Eeels, Wrasse, Trevally, Rabbit Fish, Batfish, the occasional Turtle, etc. The Gulf of Thailand is also becoming one of the main destinations in the


world for seeing Whale Sharks and there are a few dive sites that have more sightings than others. The diving around Samui is perfect for beginners to enjoy their first experiences under water, for inexperienced certified divers to increase their number of dives on easy, non-challenging dives sites and for experienced divers to enjoy easy, relaxed, longer dives.

We take you to the sites which best suit your diving experience and the sites with the best conditions at that time. We will have no problem finding some great things for you to see while you are diving with us no matter what level diver you are.

For more detailed information on the dive sites around Koh Samui, including the diving haven of Koh Tao and the fantastic Sail Rock, visit our dive sites page for details of the dive sites.

scuba-diving-speedboatAll of our trips are made by “Midnight Blue” one of our own purpose-built speed boats which means your journey is quick, safe and comfortable. Our dive groups are limited to a maximum of 4 divers with similar experience and our equipment is well maintained and regularly serviced. If you have your own with you we will take care of it all the while you are diving with us, taking it back to the dive centre after each dive, cleaning, drying and packing it ready for your next dive. We carry 100% oxygen, first aid equipment and life jackets on board and all of our instructors are certified Emergency First Responders.

Our instructors will set up your equipment for you before you get to the boat and they will provide you with a detailed briefing on what you can expect to see, dive site details and a reminder of some important safety procedures, including hand signals. To provide that extra little bit of safety, we also provide all of our fun divers with their own dive computer to use for the day – free of charge.

If you are interested in developing your experience and knowledge we offer a range of one and two day Advanced and PADI Specialty courses. The Specialty’s we offer include Recreational Sidemount, Self Reliant Diver, Digital Underwater Photography, Enriched Air (NITROX), Deep Diving, Navigation and of course a number of Project Aware Courses. Look at our Advanced Courses and Specialty Courses pages for more details.

scuba-reviewIf it’s been a while since you completed the Open Water Course or since you last dived it is a good idea to have a refresher before venturing back into the water. The Scuba Review Program gives you the opportunity to refresh your Open Water Course knowledge and skills back to the level they should be before diving again. Being a qualified diver you are expected to know the basic open water skills such as how to set up your equipment and how to conduct a proper pre-dive safety check, etc. We can complete the Scuba Review skills session in the pool a day or two before you go diving or at the beginning of your dive. Scuba Review is available to PADI and non-PADI certified divers.

If you have any questions please contact us and we will help in any way we can.

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