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PADI Instructor

35,000 baht

To become a PADI Instructor you need to take an Instructor Development Course (IDC) conducted by a PADI Course Director at a recognised PADI IDC Centre.

As with all PADI Courses the IDC builds upon the knowledge and experience you gained during previous PADI courses, especially the Divemaster Course, and there is a fair amount of self-study involved for the IDC to refresh the knowledge and skills you learned previously and to get them up to Instructor standards. Without prior Self Preparation passing the IDC will be slightly more difficult. You should begin your preparation some time before the IDC, so that by the time the IDC begins you only need to refresh.

Prior to the IDC beginning we will conduct the two day IDC Prep Course for you to measure how prepared you are for the IDC.

The IDC concentrates on developing your teaching and presentation skills and you will be continuously evaluated to make sure that by the end of the IDC you have reached the standards you need to successfully complete the PADI Instructor Exam (IE).

The main aim of the IDC is to prepare you to pass the IE. However, The Dive Academy’s IDC’s will also give you invaluable advice, tips and ideas
that will help prepare you to work as an Instructor after the IE.

Before you become a PADI Instructor you need to be ready for the responsibilty that comes with it and have sufficient experience to deal with the challenges you will most certainly face as an Instructor.

To make sure you are ready there are a number of prerequisites you must meet before you can begin your Instructor Training.

To enroll in an IDC or Assistant Instructor course, an individual must:

  • suunto-diving-logbookhave Dive Leader certification — PADI Divemaster or leadership-level certification with a recognized recreational diver training organization who is either an instructor member in good standing, or a diver with proof of certification in diver supervision and management including proof of rescue diving certification
  • 60 logged dives (100 logged dives required for PADI IE)
  • documented experience in night diving, deep diving and underwater navigation.
  • be 18 years old
  • efr-instructorProvide a Medical Statement showing you have been evaluated and cleared for diving by a physician within the past 12 months.
  • be a Certified diver for six months.
  • show proof of EFR Primary and Secondary Care course completion (or qualifying training) within the last 24 months.
  • If not a PADI Divemaster, complete the PADI Divemaster course diver rescue skills assessment.
  • Submit documentation of qualifying certifications for entry level, advanced, rescue and leadership level

Equipment Requirements

If you didn’t have your own set of equipment during the Divemaster Course, you will certainly need one to complete the IDC and for use once you become an Instructor.

Having your own equipment during training allows you to become familiar with it and will make your training and diving easier and more comfortable. If you do already have your own equipment and are not sure what to bring then bring everything you have. If you tend to feel the cold then make sure you bring a full length 3-5mm wetsuit, particularly if you are taking the IDC during the cooler months.

padi-idc-equipmentDuring the IDC, candidates are expected to have all of the following standard diver equipment:
fins, mask, snorkel, buoyancy control device with low pressure inflator, regulator, alternate air source, submersible pressure gauge, weight system, appropriate exposure protection, timing device, depth gauge, compass, knife / diverís tool, slate, dive table and two surface signaling audible (whistle, air horn, etc.) and one visual (inflatable surface tube, flare, etc.), Dive computer or RDP (eRDPML or Table).

The Dive Academy will provide tanks, weights and weight belts for the duration of the IDC.
If there is any item of equipment you don’t have you can buy it from The Dive Academy and you will get 10% discount on anything you buy.

If you need to buy a full set of equipment we will give you advice and recommendations about what you need and what is the best option for you. As well as our honest, invaluable advice you will also receive 15% discount.

Required PADI Materials

The Dive Academy are responsible for making sure that instructor candidates have, in their possession, a personal, current set of the following materials for study and use during the course and for reference afterward:

  • PADI Instructor Manual
  • PADI’s Guide to Teaching
  • PADI Specialty Course Instructor Manual, or these specialty courseinstructor guides: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project AWARE and AWARE – Coral Reef Conservation
  • PADI Open Water Diver, Adventures in Diving and Rescue Diver Manuals
  • Recreational Dive Planner – RDP Table and eRDPML, including Instructions for Use booklets
  • How to Use and Choose Dive Computers book
  • Open Water Diver Quizzes and Exam booklet
  • Rescue Diver Final Exams booklet
  • PADI Divemaster Manual
  • Divemaster Final Exams booklet
  • Aquatic Cue Cards for Open Water Diver, Adventures in Diving, Rescue Diver, Divemaster and Discover Scuba Diving
  • Confined Water Lesson Preparation slate
  • Open Water Training Dive Lesson Planning slate
  • The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
  • Diving Knowledge Workbook or eRecord for Dive Theory Online

Successful completion of the IDC requires candidates to:

  • padi-instructor-courseAttend and participate in all 18 curriculum presentations (unless completing IDC Online)
  • Present at least three evaluated knowledge development teaching presentations;
  • Present at least four evaluated confined water teaching presentations;
  • Present at least two integrated evaluated open water teaching presentations;
  • Demonstrate competence at performing all 24 dive skills listed on the Skill Evaluation.
  • Perform a 800 metres/yards swim using mask, snorkel and fins.
  • Score 75% or higher on all five dive theory exams.
  • Score 75% or higher on the Assistant Instructor Standards Exam.

You will need to have completed the EFR Instructor Course before you can enter the PADI IE.



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