Reef Repair Sunscreen

Did You Know Normal Sunscreen Damages Coral Reef?

We all need to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of too much sun each day and if it is your first time in Thailand or somewhere tropical you are in for a real surprise at how strong the sun can be.

Our tropical sun will burn you much quicker than you think. A five minute ride on a scooter with exposed shoulders will leave many traveller bright red and feeling uncomfortable. Thankfully smart travellers use sunscreen to protect their skin and avoid sunburn and skin damage.

But did you know, that your sunscreen is packed full of synthetic chemicals that severely damage our coral reefs and lead to coral reef bleaching?

Try taking this quick test – grab your current sunscreen and check for any of the following active chemical ingredients.

  • chemical-suncream-active-ingredientsOxybenzone
  • Avobenzone
  • Octinoxate (OMC)
  • Octisalate
  • Homosalate
  • Octocrylene

If your current sunscreen or sun cream contains any of the above chemical ingredients that sun cream is contributing a small part to the large amounts of damage that coral reefs in many areas of the world are currently experiencing.

reef-repair-sun-cream-50ml-120ml-spf30-reef-safe-moisturising-kid-safe-all-natural-sunscreenWhat Can I Do As A Scuba Diver Or Snorkeler?

You can find reef friendly sun creams online before you go on holiday or order one from us and we will have it waiting for you in our dive shop when you join us for your dive tour or your VIP Snorkel Tour to Koh Tao or Angthong Marine Park.

The brand of reef friendly sunscreen we use is called “Reef Repair“. Reef Repair sunscreen was created and developed by two PADI Diving Instructors here in Thailand and in now Amazon’s No.1 preferred environmentally friendly sun protection brand.

For customers coming here to Koh Samui we highly recommend Reef Repair sun cream SPF 30+ and this is what we stock in our dive centre. The 120ml tube costs 500 baht and 50ml costs 350 baht so you don’t have to pay expensive prices to help protect the reefs while also giving yourself healthy protection from the sun’s harmful rays.  

You can find out more about why chemical sunscreen is bad for reefs and humans, by following this link.

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